Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A double dose of DMB!!

Yes, I know it might seem crazy to you all, but I went to my second and third Dave Matthews Band show this summer last week. The first one was in OKC at Bricktown Ballpark. It was a beautiful night! We rode a limo down to the city with several friends caught the amazing show. We all had a great time, we didn't have a worry in the world and that is just what I needed!!

Then after no luck in selling our tickets to the Dallas show, I was able to go at the last minute with my BFF Mandy. We had a great time, as she is a crazy Dave fan like we are! We don't get to spend that much time without children, so it was a wonderful time to catch up on what has been going on in our lives over the OH....past 10 years. I know that sounds crazy, because we talk often, but we never get to talk without interruptions! Not only was the show great, but I got to share it with someone special! The memory of a lifetime! Thanks for going Mandy, and Thanks for letting her go Dan!

Not so BLUE class!

Keith is starting back to school tomorrow and there are so many things to be excited about! First of all, he has an amazing teacher named Megan who will challenge him in his language and literacy skills, and focus on pre-reading. It is perfect timing for Keith because he has been very curious about what signs say and such lately. Megan is also certified in assistive technology, which is communication devices and environmental access switches ect...She will be an anchor for us as we move forward in getting Keith set up with a VERY high tech computer to help him communicate. She will be a wealth of knowledge as we learn the software and troubleshooting. We are anxious for the fall because the company who sells the computer we are looking at is coming up with an eye gaze feature that will access the computer. This new technology is also coming at the perfect time for Keith because if you know Keith at all you know his eye gaze is exceptional. We are praying that it is perfect for Keith so we can unlock his big ol brain. There are a lot of things to look forward to, and I am sure that Keith will show great progress throughout the year! GO BLUE!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Did I say Thank You??

Everyones support for the Little Lighthouse this year has been tremendous! Thank you for opening your hearts and your wallets to help this amazing school. I know sometimes it seems that we never stop talking about Keith's school, but that is what happens when you come across the kind of blessings we have at the Little Lighthouse! We are so excited about Mini Laps this year, and have been working hard to get the word out about the Little Lighthouse, and let people know that if they are led to donate, they are changing lives by giving these kids the best possible start! We appreciate all the help in our efforts. Don't forget that if you can make it, Mini Laps is September 20th at 10:00 at the Little Lighthouse. Come cheer Keith on as he makes his way around the track, and makes us all soooo proud!

Cowboy Keith!

We have some exciting news!! Keith is going to be starting theraputic horseback riding at Bit By Bit in September. It has been a long time coming as Keith has been on their waiting list for quite some time. I got the phone call to offer placement for Keith, and couldn't have been more excited! We went Wednesday for his evaluation and met the wonderful ladies who run the equine therapy program, and of course they fell in love with Keith immediately. They fitted his lidlocker (helmet) and he got to ride their wooden horse Peggy to see how much he would tolerate. Honestly he was more excited about the doll house sized barn with horse trailer and truck and horses. That was until of course he got to see the horse that he will be riding, his name is Jack. He is a small dark brown horse, just perfect for Keith. He is very excited about riding the horses, and I am excited about the great therpay that he won't even know that he is getting! Riding will help stimulate his core muscles to sit up, as well help gain balance all while getting a great inner leg stretch. They said it will be amazing how many times they will have to lengthen the stirrups as his leg muscles release tension. I tried to take a picture of Keith's horse but it was VERY fuzzy, but there will be many more opportunities for pictures and video. I will definitley keep you updated!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old man getting older!

James and I had quite the celebration for his 34th birthday last friday! We went out for an evening of beers and burlesque with some friends. Thanks to Nana we got to sleep in the next morning! As James really needed some recovery time! James was so surprised when he opened his gift from me, it was what any homebrewer dreams of, his own kegging system. Yes, we will officially have beer on tap at our house! I also got him some very nice crystal beer glasses that he just loves!

Little did I know in wrapping James gift, Keith got one of his own, he loved playing in the box full of shredded paper!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Keith got his Tryke!!

We are so absolutely blessed to have the support that we do from our friends and family! But, it truely amazes me that there are people out there who don't even know us, but are so gracious as to donate a brand new $800 adapted tricycle for Keith to enjoy! And enjoy it he does! It is now his all time favorite activity.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A new way to share our life!

There are so many times that I have wanted to share the joys of our family with the people who mean the world to us. Somehow time gets away from me, and I don't pick up the phone to call each person to share the good news, or the wonderful times our family shares together. I hope that you add our page to your "favorites", and check back often to see what James and I have been up to, and see the great strides Keith is making every day.